Consultations are available both in-person and online.

Earn 1,000 Vitality points per year for a nutrition consultation.

One size could never fit all, it’s basic common sense…we are all very different with our own set of challenges and goals. To make something sustainable, one needs to make it practical and realistic.

This forms the basis of Sandi’s philosophy when it comes to nutrition. Her aim is to find the ‘best fit’ for each and every individual.

When devising a nutritional plan for you, Sandi considers your medical background (including current health status and potential risk factors), eating habits, current lifestyle as well as your wellness and/or fitness goals.

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a medical condition; struggling to manage an existing condition; wanting to manage your weight better; wanting to improve your sporting performance or simply wanting to improve your health and the health of your family through good nutrition, you’d benefit from seeing a Dietitian.

Sandi’s practice is located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and is easily accessible from the M3 highway.

Discipline is about building good habits. Building a good habit doesn’t happen overnight and it’s especially difficult in the beginning stages. It requires the right knowledge and a good routine. Start slowly and build one good habit at a time.
Every child is unique with their own set of requirements and their own personalities. It is important that you lay down a strong foundation when it comes to eating healthily, but at the same time, it mustn’t be too rigid, resulting in your child thinking they can use food as a negotiation tool or feeling deprived or guilty when occasionally eating treat foods.
When it comes to children, the secret is to keep things alive and exciting – not always easy when you’re rushing to get the lunchboxes ready in between a myriad of other activities – but without variety, kids soon get bored and suddenly their lunchboxes start coming back with half the contents untouched.
Whether you’re aiming to finish on the podium or simply make it to the end of the race, it’s essential to keep your energy levels up before, during and after the event to optimise performance and maximise recovery.